Quality education is the foundation of our company. We provide our stylists with classes from some of the top educators in the hair care and skin care industries, as well as providing them with the opportunity to study at advanced education academies around the world. We believe that continuing education not only enhances skill, it feeds our team the inspiration they seek.

Every artist works hard to be at the top of their craft and strives to inform each guest of the importance of strong healthy hair and radiant clear skin. Our staff knows how to teach guests to replicate the look we create in the studio, at home. Through our partnership with Redken and Arbonne, we receive advanced education in order to stay on top of current trends and to sharpen our skills.

Sorella Studios is a Summit Salon and uses the level system to be able to provide the ultimate salon and spa experience within an affordable pricing structure. Once a stylist has graduated cosmetology school they go into our associate program. The associate program is advanced education from one of our high level stylists. While in the program the associate will be involved with every guest of their educator. The associate will have one day a week on the floor where they will able to take referral guests only. The lowest price on our menu is reserved for this Fresh Talent associate. Once fully on the floor a stylist starts at level one pricing and can receive promotions as they meet goals and excels in their craft. When a stylist reaches level 4A they are awarded with the opportunity to coach her own associate, and so the process repeats.

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We look forward to inspiring you at your next visit!